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30th March 2015
This letter is to confirm that Seven Network has been working with ILHAMI GEZICI from TJ’s TRAVEL TURKEY for several years and in 2015 they will continue to play a key role in our coverage of the 100th anniversary
of the ANZAC landings at Gallipoli.
The Seven Network previously booked accommodation and travel services over a year ago in the lead up to this event.
The Seven Network is Australia’s largest media company and owns one of the most popular commercial television networks which broadcast in every region across the country.
The Seven Network is affiliated with NBC in the United States and ITN in the UK and our stories are also
broadcast on CNN.
If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Planning Producer – Network News & Public Affairs

Keith Slater

Alıcı: anzacgallipolitours.com


Well, it is all over. 100 years. A big thank you from us here at 3 News. Our team had a very successful time in Turkey, thanks in no small part to the knowledge of your fixer and driver. The vehicle worked out very well and the team got to all the locations they needed to get to. Two of the team , Mike McRoberts and Nick Zeltjies flew from Istanbul directly to Kathmandu in Nepal to cover the awful earthquake that happened there.

TJ, if we cover next years ANZAC day in Turkey you will the man we will be talking to.

Best Regards


 KEITH SLATER | Auckland Bureau Chief | MEDIAWORKS


“In the sleepy seaside village of Eceabat, where tractors park alongside Toyotas; This past year, 20,000 wandering Aussies & Kiwis have rested up here. And they’ve watched Mel Gibson run at Gallipoli, which TJ plays non-stop in the lounge.” Ray Martin, 60 Minutes, Gallipoli / Apr 2002
Gallipoli 16-20 Mar 15

LONDIST-SO3 G3OD (Castello, John Capt)


Hi TJ,

I just wanted to write to say thank you again for a fantastic week and for all the hard work you put into making it so!

Everyone had a great time and has been saying how great your hospitality was.

Just one thing: could you please send me an electronic copy of the itinerary/receipt we completed last Wednesday evening?



Capt JDD (Dara) Castello RTR|SO3 G3 OD|HQ London District|Horse Guards|Whitehall|London|

From: Army Insp-ReviewTeam2-SO3b (Loxley, Lee Capt)
Sent: 31 March 2015 12:05
To: 75ENGR-107-TpComdMentor (Boyle, John Lt)
Cc: ‘anzacgallipolitours.com’
Subject: 20150331-Gallipoli Battlefield Study November 2015



Thanks for your phone call this morning. As I mentioned we are using TJ’s Tours to provide accommodation, feeding and travel for our BS in May 2015 and have been delighted by the service they provided. TJ’s Tours operate from Eceabat on the Gallipoli Peninsula which allows easy access to battlefield locations and reduces time spent travelling, as well as cost, using the Canakkle-Eceabat ferry service in the morning – worth considering. I have cc’d TJ so that you can make enquiries.


Good luck with the enquiry from John!



Capt L J Loxley RE | SO3b Review Team 2 | Army Inspectorate | Army Headquarters | Ground Floor, Zone 2, IDL 7, Blenheim Bld | Marlborough Lines, Monxton Rd | Andover, Hampshire, SP11 8HJ |


Subject:   Turkey Tour

From:   “Richard Brazier”

Date:   Sun, October 23, 2011 10:21 pm

To:   “Ilhami Gezici” <info@anzacgallipolitours.com>

Greetings TJ, We are slowly realising that our holiday has come to an end and it is time to get back to work, we both thank you for the special afternoon that we had at Gallipoli with you, it was one of the high lights of our trip, and was even more than we expected.

I will post to you the front page of our Seniors and over 45s news paper that has a photo of a group of mounted riders in full 10th Light Horse battle uniform,which makes what you are doing even more important, keeping the tradition alive If on one of your trips back to Australia,I know that you would be more than welcome to visit Western Australia as there are several groups of people maintaining the tradition.

We have had some good finishing rain while we were away which should give the farmers an excellent season, so things could not be better.

How ever the main story on our national news this morning was all about the earth quake in south east Turkey, with considerable loss of life and injury, we will be watching closely what happens in the days ahead, and our thoughts  and prays will be with you.

Once again thank you to your self and your your staff for a very enjoyable visit.

Regards Richard and Kerry Brazier



Dear TJ,

We cannot thank you enough for the trouble you have taken to send so many photos. In fact we have been trying to figure out how to say thank you to you other than mentioning you and your Company in our article, which of course we will do. We have however come up with an idea that might interest you and be of use to you. You may remember that all those years ago when we first met you, we had written the guide book and produced a map too. Now sadly because we are unlikely to visit Gallipoli again the map is not available to visitors to the area and we think that it is still the best one available. Would you like to have a pdf of the complete map, full colour and ready to print from, which you can use in any way that you choose. If you want to print it and include it in your tours or sell it …….in fact do what you like. We do not want any money or any payment of any kind. What we would ask is that the back page that shows some of our books is not changed – otherwise if you want to put your name on the map please go ahead. Let us know if the idea is of interest and we will have a disc produced and send it to you. Once again many thanks for your help and our best wishes to you both. Your pictures brought back many happy memories of your sad but beautiful Gallipoli.

Tone and Valmai


Hi from David and Vikki in Adelaide, Oz

David George

2 Oca 2019 18:40

Hi TJ,

Happy New Year!

You may remember us, David and Vikki from Australia.  We did the Anzac battlefields tour with you a few months ago (September 2018) and you found the grave of my great uncle at the Shell Green cemetery, then we walked up the hill to Lone Pine. It was a rather hot day! Vikki’s great grandfather was also there with the Australian Light Horse but returned home safely.  The tour was excellent and a very memorable experience.

We are thinking of coming back and having another tour of the battlefields, and while we are around there we might stay for a few days on one of the Turkish islands, either Bozcaada or Gokceada.


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