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Maps & Transport

Maps & Transport Regulations: The minimum driving age is 18 & front seat belts are compulsory. Children under 12 may not sit in the front. The speed limit is 120kph (75mph) on dual carriageway, 90kph (56mph) on highways & 50kph (31mph) in built-up areas. Please check for updates before travel… Getting around by air Turkish...

Facts for Visitors

Facts for Visitors Facts for travelers to Turkey. Travel guide & holiday information. Did you know? 2 of the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World are in Turkey. Turkey has a coastline of 7800 kms. St. George, the patron saint of England is from Cappadocia region in central Turkey. The last home of Virgin Mary is in Selcuk. Turks gave...

Turkey Travel Guide

Turkey Travel Guide Country Overview Country overview, holiday guide, attraction in Turkey. Turkey has so much to offer her visitors: breathtaking natural beauties, unique historical & archaeological sites, a tradition of hospitality & competitive prices. Whatever the reason you choose to see Turkey today, you will be delighted...

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