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“In the sleepy seaside village of Eceabat, where tractors park alongside Toyotas; This past year, 20,000 wandering Aussies & Kiwis have rested up here. And they’ve watched Mel Gibson run at Gallipoli, which TJ plays non-stop in the lounge.” Ray Martin, 60 Minutes, Gallipoli / Apr 2002
Gallipoli 16-20 Mar 15

LONDIST-SO3 G3OD (Castello, John Capt)

Hi TJ,

I just wanted to write to say thank you again for a fantastic week and for all the hard work you put into making it so!

Everyone had a great time and has been saying how great your hospitality was.

Just one thing: could you please send me an electronic copy of the itinerary/receipt we completed last Wednesday evening?



Capt JDD (Dara) Castello RTR|SO3 G3 OD|HQ London District|Horse Guards|Whitehall|London|SW1A 2AX|Mil: 94631 2350 |Civ: 0207 414 2350 |Fax: 94631 2203|DII/F Mailbox: LONDIST-SO3 G3OD

From: Army Insp-ReviewTeam2-SO3b (Loxley, Lee Capt)
Sent: 31 March 2015 12:05
To: 75ENGR-107-TpComdMentor (Boyle, John Lt)
Cc: ‘anzacgallipolitours.com’
Subject: 20150331-Gallipoli Battlefield Study November 2015


Thanks for your phone call this morning. As I mentioned we are using TJ’s Tours to provide accommodation, feeding and travel for our BS in May 2015 and have been delighted by the service they provided. TJ’s Tours operate from Eceabat on the Gallipoli Peninsula which allows easy access to battlefield locations and reduces time spent travelling, as well as cost, using the Canakkle-Eceabat ferry service in the morning – worth considering. I have cc’d TJ so that you can make enquiries.


Good luck with the enquiry from John!



Capt L J Loxley RE | SO3b Review Team 2 | Army Inspectorate | Army Headquarters | Ground Floor, Zone 2, IDL 7, Blenheim Bld | Marlborough Lines, Monxton Rd | Andover, Hampshire, SP11 8HJ | Mil: 94393 6789 |Civ: 01264 886789 | Mob: 07703730002 | Fax: 01264 887121 | DII(F) email: Army Insp-ReviewTeam2-SO3b | Civ email: lee.loxley450@mod.uk

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