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Troy Ancient City
Fought over for thousands of years & included now on UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage list, Troy continues to inspire us with its history. Over the millennia the Dardanelles strait has been the scene of countless wars owing to its strategic position between two continents (Europe & Asia) & two seas (the Mediterranean & the Black Sea). From the Trojan War, thought to have taken place in 1180 B.C. & chronicled by the Anatolian epic poet Homer in his immortal Iliad, to the Battle of Gallipoli in the First World War, the purpose has always been the same: to rule East & West by controlling the Dardanelles.

Gallipoli movie starring Mel Gibson.


Day 1 :
Morning & night showings of Gallipoli documentary, “The Fatal Shore” & the movie “Gallipoli”.
Time to buy nibblies & water.
06:00 am
Transfer vehicle will begin the circuit around the hotels for pickups. We ask that customers be ready at reception of hotel for transfer to Eceabat.
Pickups between 6.30am -7am, depending on number of customers from each hotel.

Transfer to Eceabat by TJS TOUR bus.

Arrive in Eceabat where you will be met by the staff of TJs TOURS.

Lunch in Eceabat.

Tour departs from front of the TJS hotel. From here you will drive to the ANZAC Battlefield area to start an emotional & memorable tour.
On tour you will visit:

Kabatepe War Museum
Beach Cemetery (John Simpson’s Grave)
Ari Burnu (First ANZAC landing place)
Lone Pine Cemetery (Australian memorial)
Johnston’s Jolly (Walk in the ANZAC trenches)
View Shrapnel Valley
Turkish Memorial
The Nek & Walker’s Ridge
Chunuk Bair (Main New Zealand memorial)
Please tell us before tour if you would like us to research or locate an ANZAC grave. There are no registers out on the peninsula.
Return to hotel for overnight stay.

Day 2 :
Tour departs at 07.30am or 1.00 pm, depending on season and other daily tour schedules.

Tour departs from TJs Hotel in Eceabat, where you will cross the Dardanelles & proceed to the ancient site of Troy, 36km south of Canakkale. Our local english speaking guide will walk you around the 9 layers of ancient cities built on top of each other the earliest dating back to 3000 B.C. The commentary is filled with mythical stories of the site & surrounding areas while filling you in on the history of the excavations past & present. The story of Troy is part-mythology & part-archaeology. Where does the legend stop and history begin? Highlights of the tour include:

09:30 am
A replica of the wooden horse that you can climb into for a photo.
City walls dating from early Bronze Age up to the Romans, in all, 9 different settlements.
Excavation information centre which holds exhibits from the work underway.
The fortification walls of Troy Vl with its tower & gateway entrance.
Temple of Athena – the focal point of a great annual festival in honour of the goddess Athena.
Schliemann’s trench – the discoverer of Troy?
The entrance ramp to Troy ll.
The sanctuary – an important religious centre of its time.
The odeon – intended for the presentation of musical performances.
Current excavations in progress.
After Troy, back to Eceabat.

Lunch in Eceabat
After lunch, drive to Suvla Winery
Wine tastes.17:30 Transfer to Istanbul by TJS TOUR bus.


Professional English speaking guide.
All transportation ‘Non Smoking’ bus.
Museum entrance fee.
1 night accommodation (BB)
Ferry ride
Entrance fees.
2 Lunches.
1 breakfast


There are very few toilets in the battlefield area. Go before tour!
There are also very few bins so please collect your rubbish & put it back on the bus so we can dispose of it responsibly later on.
Take your bathers/togs/cossies/swimmers for a swim at lunchtime when & if time & weather permits.
There are no shops at the battlefields, so remember to buy water & nibblies before you leave Eceabat.
Remember to take sunscreen & a hat if you’re not fond of direct sunlight as there is minimal shade available. Shorts are fine to wear on the peninsula but remember to wear sensible shoes as you will be walking on uneven ground at times & there are snakes in the area.

Times change according to the season & weather conditions.

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